INSTALL-win (Tcl version)

Installing Modules on Windows

 1. Install active state tcl on your computer.
    Edit your path and add c:\tcl\bin to it so tclsh is in your path.

 2. Untar the modules directory in a global place for all users. A share
    is a good place. For this example, I'm using c:\modules
    Make an environment variable MODULESHOME which is set to that path.
    (example: c:\modules)

 3. Edit your path and add c:\modules\windows to your path.

 4. Setup your modulesfiles directory. If your using modules for the first
    time, you probably want to copy the main modulefiles that get installed
    with the C version of modules. Or you can copy the files in
    contrib/modulefiles: copy contrib/modulefiles to modulefiles

 5. If needed edit c:\modules\modulesinit.cmd so it points to where you have
    your modulesfiles directory.

 6. Have users run modulesinit

There is also a How-To document that has more detailed information. It can be
found in doc/howto/using_on_windows.pdf