NEWS (Tcl version)

This file describes changes in recent versions of Modules. It primarily
documents those changes that are of interest to users and admins.

Changes in modules-tcl-1.923 (2017-07-20)

  * Fix 'aliases' command when a global or user RC file is set.
  * Find and solve global or user RC aliases and symbolic versions on
    'search', 'whatis' and 'paths' commands.
  * Do not look at currently loaded modules to resolve the target of a module
  * Rework default and latest versions search on 'avail' command. Correct
    display when at a given level a sub-directory element is last element in
    directory among modulefiles. Previously sub-directory was printed but
    last file among modulefiles was also printed (2 latest versions at the
    same level). A directory tagged "default" does not appear anymore in
    default listing result as its content (the default version found in that
    directory) will be displayed.
  * When an alias is set and overrides name of an existing directory, take
    this alias into account for default and latest choice and ignore
    directory content.
  * Bad default set will lead to no result displayed for the corresponding
    module in case of default 'avail' display.
  * Correct inclusion of aliases in output result when these aliases are not
    part of the exact same module path than module path of the search.
  * Rewrite existing shell initialization file with initadd, initprepend,
    initswitch, initrm and initclear commands rather than writing a new
    file then copying this new file to replace the existing initialization
    file. In addition only re-writes shell initialization file if its content
    need to be altered.
  * Raise an error on initadd, initprepend, initswitch, initrm and initclear
    commands when no 'module load' line are found in shell initialization
  * Normalize error messages for the various collection-related commands
    when collection cannot be accessed.
  * Cleanup existing reference counters of a path list variable when this
    variable is altered by a 'setenv' or an 'unsetenv' command.
  * Init: do not pollute tab-completion with moduleraw command. (Bert Wesarg)
  * Make use of the same Tcl interp for each modulefile interpretation and
    use another one for each modulerc (but the same for each modulerc). By
    doing so we proceed like on C-version where same interpreter is used
    across modulefile or modulerc interpretation. Huge performance
    improvement is achieved with this change on commands making intensive
    use of interp like 'avail'. Interpreter state is reset from one
    interpretation to another: the initial variable and procedure state is
    restored before each new interpretation to avoid spread of definitions
    from one interpretation to another. Also in case of nested interpretation
    each interpretation level has its own interpreter so a module loaded by
    another does not influence the interpretation of the module loading it.
  * Improve performance of aliases and symbolic versions resolution by
    computing these resolution at definition time. As a consequence
    resolution loop are not registered anymore and produce an error message
    when spotted not at display time.
  * Reduce number of 'access' system call by trying access to modulefile
    when reading the content of a modulefile directory rather testing access
    before trying it.
  * No error raise on empty argument list for load. To cope with initadd
    behavior that requires at least an empty 'module load' line in startup
    files. (fix SF bug#88)
  * Fix initadd to handle load line without trailing space. Was previously
    expecting load directive to be written 'module load ' to get a match.
    With fix, 'module load' line will also be matched.
  * Like C-version catch raised error when break or continue are called from
    outside of a loop to handle them as when they are called from modulefile
    main body. (fix SF bug#87)
  * Return error on 'module use' command when an empty path string is
    provided rather ignoring it.
  * Workaround 'min' and 'max' functions and 'lreverse' procedure for correct
    operations under Tcl version 8.4.
  * Install: add --with-tclsh configure option to give the ability to choose
    the Tcl interpreter shell to setup in initialization scripts.
  * Handle error raised from the ModulesDisplay, ModulesHelp and ModulesTest
    procedures in the same way than for the evaluation of the modulefile
    content. An error occurring during the evaluation of the modulefile
    content will lead to no evaluation of the 'display', 'help' and 'test'
    command specific functions.
  * Remove 'debug' module command
  * Doc: describe 'path', 'paths' and 'autoinit' module command.
  * Correct use of xrdb tool when not installed in default path.
  * Fix 'init*' module commands to behave more like C-version and document
    remaining differences in diff_with_c-version.
  * Init: make 'sh' init script closer to POSIX specification to support sh
    flavors different than Bash or Zsh like Dash.
  * Fix column-mode display for very short width terminal.
  * Install: introduce an 'install' non-regression testsuite which is
    triggered by the 'make testinstall' command and checks modules-tcl
    installation is operational.
  * Init: fix modulerc load test on 'fish' init script.
  * Init: fix interactive shell test on 'sh' init script.
  * Install: add --enable-example-modulefiles configure option that install
    by default some modulefiles provided as example in the system modulefiles
  * Install: when uninstalling, do not remove modulefiles directory if it is
    not empty.
  * Add completion script for Zsh shell.
  * Add 'module test' command to trigger when called execution of a
    ModulesTest procedure in target modulefile following same kind of
    mechanism than 'module help'.

Changes in modules-tcl-1.832 (2017-04-29)

  * Fix 'getenv' sub-command to correctly return environment variable value.
  * Clarify in man-pages display of module alias and symbolic version-name on
    'avail' command and management of file access issue when locating
  * Distinguish access issue (permission denied) from find issue (cannot
    locate) when trying to access directly a directory or a modulefile as
    done on 'load', 'display' or 'whatis' commands. In addition on this kind
    of access, not readable .modulerc files are ignored rather producing a
    missing magic cookie error.
  * When mode is set to unload, 'module load' commands in modulefile are
    interpreted as 'module unload' commands. To guaranty correct behavior
    regarding requirements, the module list passed to the load command is
    reversed to unload the modulefiles in the reverse order than they have
    been loaded.
  * Correct 'display' command to only report module commands set in modulefile
    and not those set in the various .modulerc on the path toward this
  * Fix bash and tcsh completion scripts to eliminate symbolic version names
    from 'avail' command result.
  * Improve 'avail' command when a symbolic version-name is passed as argument
    to return the modulefile target of this symbolic version-name.
  * When looking for an implicit default in a directory, now a module alias is
    taken into account so it can be returned as the last element in it
    (highest numerically sorted version).
  * Fix 'list' command to correctly display the 'default' tag along loaded
    modules when set via a .version file.
  * Fix long output of 'list' command to display the symbolic version-names
    associated to each loaded module if any.
  * Improve 'avail' command to return alias module when an alias name is
    passed as argument.
  * On a '--default' listing, a modulefile does not appear anymore if a
    directory is set default at the same level. On a '--latest' listing, a
    directory does not appear anymore if set default but not the latest.
  * Read modulerc and validate its header in a single open/read/close sequence
    instead of two in order to reduce to number of IO operations during an
    'avail' command.
  * Drastically reduce grid size computation time which removes overhead when
    displaying module avail results in column-mode.
  * Translate module name to currently interpreted module name when name
    correspond to the last part this interpreted module only in case of
    symbolic version-name or alias resolution.
  * Avoid resetting regular path (/usr/bin) or manpath (/usr/share/man) when
    switching from Tcl to C version in switchml utility.
  * Raise error on x-resource if DISPLAY environment variable is not set.
  * Fix lisp init script which was broken for environment change actions.

Changes in modules-tcl-1.775 (2017-03-07)

  * Improve README with examples, requirements, links, etc. Also update
    INSTALL documentation with details on the new configure/make/make install
  * Add display of a release date next to the version number when calling for
    '--help' or '--version'.
  * Update diff_with_c-version document to describe the features of the
    Tcl-version that are not supported on the C-version. Also state that the
    diff takes C version 3.2.10 against Tcl version 1.729 as a basis.
  * Introduce 'switchml' tool, a shell function (or alias for csh or tcsh
    shells) that swap currently enabled Modules version (C or Tcl) by the
    other version (C or Tcl). Configure option '--with-cver-initdir' must be
    defined to enable 'switchml' in initialization script.
  * Define a PATH and MANPATH in shell initialization scripts that point to
    the defined modules-tcl installation directories.
  * Give ability to generate distribution tarball from the git repository with
    Makefile 'dist' target.
  * Introduce an installation process for this software following the
    configure/make/make install fashion. Configure step enables to choose
    installation paths and init scripts features to activate. Make step mainly
    translates init scripts with the configuration set. Make install creates
    target directories and copy files into them.
  * Fix MODULESHOME setup in autoinit command to define it as an absolute path
    and set it to the upper directory when modulecmd.tcl is located in a 'bin'
    or a 'libexec' directory.
  * Correct alias and version resolution on avail command which was erroneous
    in case of a modulefile holding symbols (like 'default') and targeted by
    aliases. Avail output was showing the aliases holding the symbols instead
    of the modulefile.

Changes in modules-tcl-1.729 (2017-02-01)

  * Add documentation in module(1) man page on the modulefile collection
    concept and the relative 'save', 'restore', 'saverm', 'saveshow' and
    'savelist' commands.
  * Add document to list the differences of the functionalities that can be
    found on the C-version of the Modules package compared to the
  * Improve modulecmd.tcl shebang to only search 'tclsh' once if found in
  * Add 'module-info mode ' check against 'remove' and 'switch' values.
  * Introduce 'module-info command' Modules-specific Tcl command to
    distinguish complex 'load' or 'unload' commands that cannot be determined
    with 'module-info mode' alone. For instance a modulefile can now be aware
    that a 'switch', a 'restore' or a 'purge' command is currently being run.
  * Enable usage of 'module-info' Modules-specific Tcl command from a
    modulerc file.
  * Fix 'module-info specified' Modules-specific Tcl command.
  * No exit raise on modulefile or modulerc error during 'avail', 'aliases',
    'whatis' and 'search' commands to avoid harming results from these global
    commands if error exists in a few modulefiles.
  * Exit with error code when a critical error is encountered when
    interpreting a modulefile or a modulerc.
  * Inhibit non-critical error report raised from modulefiles during 'avail',
    'aliases', 'whatis' and 'search' commands to avoid error flood when
    parsing all modulefiles or modulercs.
  * Handle multiple lines of 'module-whatis' Modules-specific Tcl commands
    defined for the same modulefile.
  * Handle multiple arguments passed to the 'module-whatis' Modules-specific
    Tcl commands. They are joined to get a single line of text.
  * Return error on 'whatis' command if searched modulefile is not found.

Changes in modules-tcl-1.704 (2017-01-20)

  * Set path variable counter to 1 for paths without a known reference count
    (was previously set to 999999999).
  * Introduce 'envml' utility which acts as an application launcher where
    module commands are instantiated to setup environment before launching
    the given application.
  * Always register paths provided to be part of MODULEPATH environment
    variable as absolute paths to get independent from the current working
  * Inhibit next modulefiles interpretation with 'exit' Modules-specific Tcl
    command only if current mode is 'load'.
  * Add argument to 'module-info shell' and 'module-info shelltype' to test
    current shell or shelltype value.
  * Fix use of 'default' version-name to not consider it as a module symbol
    if a modulefile is named 'default'.
  * Fix path variable counters when ':' character is used in elements of a
    path-like variable.
  * Update module(1) and modulefile(4) man pages to clear content specific to
    the C version of Modules and add content specific to or adapt content that
    behave differently on this Tcl version.
  * Fix TCLSH variable issue in Python init script.

Changes in modules-tcl-1.677 (2017-01-04)

  * Make 'switch' command handle a single argument. The modulefile to switch
    to is the one passed on the command-line and the modulefile to unload is
    assumed to be the currently loaded module with the same root name as
    this modulefile specified on the command-line.
  * Make 'switch' command idempotent by always ending up with 'old' unloaded
    and 'new' loaded, whatever the starting situation is.
  * Fix 'exit' Modules-specific Tcl command.
  * Add 'refresh' command as alias on 'reload' command.
  * Add dummy 'module-log', 'module-trace', 'module-user' and
    'module-verbosity' Modules-specific Tcl commands to enable support for
    modulefiles using them.
  * Fix 'system' Modules-specific Tcl command  to behave like described on
    the man page.
  * Fix 'module list' when module loaded with full path
  * Disable 'g_force' property by default to avoid loading a modulefile
    already loaded. It also avoids path element reference counting to get
    increased when the same module is asked twice for load.
  * Clarify module-info 'mode' option and set 'help' mode on 'module help'
  * Clarify module-info 'flags' and 'user' options.
  * Handle empty or separator path on 'add-path' ad 'unload-path' commands.
  * Delete environment variable targeted by an 'unsetenv' command on 'unload'
    mode if no value has been provided along. On display mode, print
    environment variable value if any has been passed to 'unsetenv' command.
  * When setting Tcl variable, enclose value within double quotes.
  * Fix perl quoting style for variable set, escape single quotes rather
    double quotes.
  * Call 'unuse' command instead of 'use' command on a 'module unload'.
  * Fix 'continue' Modules-specific Tcl command.
  * Add 'chdir' Modules-specific Tcl command.
  * Fix 'break' Modules-specific Tcl command.

Changes in modules-tcl-1.655 (2016-11-23)

  * No display of modulepath header if no module found in it.
  * Remove call to 'module aliases' on 'module avail' command, as aliases
    are now directly included in the 'avail' results.
  * Include module aliases in the displayed result of an 'avail' command.
    Also display aliases defined in a global or user modulerc file.
  * Exit with error code if error occurred on display or help commands.
  * Fix module-info symbols resolution.
  * Better handling of .modulerc and .version files when searching for a
  * Fix module-info version resolution.
  * Fix module-info alias resolution.
  * Register alias and version by the short module name and improve their
    resolution to avoid loop.
  * Source $MODULERCFILE/modulerc when $MODULERCFILE is dir.
  * Make it so you can do 'module avail un', wildcard '*' character implied.

Changes in modules-tcl-1.632 (2016-09-06)

  * Raise error if command does not receive the excepted number of arguments.
  * Improve column-mode display to get a denser output on 'avail' command.
  * Standardize the output of Warning, Error, InternalBug and ErrorAndExit
  * Add short option -d for --delim on prepend-path.
  * Introduce collection target concept to distinguish between machines,
    environments or domains that are incompatible with each other.
  * Introduce 'saveshow' command, to display content of saved collections.
  * Improve 'save' and 'restore' commands to handle collection specified as
    absolute or relative file path.
  * Introduce 'saverm' command, to delete saved collections.
  * Enable to 'restore' collection with multiple modulefiles specified on the
    same line.
  * Fix 'restore' command when there is no module to load in collection.
  * Fix 'restore' command when collection fully rewind module paths.
  * Fix 'restore' command to preserve module path order set in collection.
  * Raise error if try to save an empty environment in a collection.

Changes in modules-tcl-1.602 (2016-08-13)

  * Add support for Fish shell.
  * Import recent tests added to C-version on 10-use and 50-cmds testsuites.
  * Add short option -d for --delim on append-path and remove-path.
  * Fix load and implement unload x-resource.
  * Fix Python code that was broken or not Python3-compliant. Fixed code is
    used to define the module command, to render error and to process
  * Always dictionary-sort (also called numerical-sort) list of modulefiles
    or list of collections.
  * Fix bash completion script to be compliant with bash posix mode.

Changes in modules-tcl-1.578 (2014-12-24)

  * First release to be described in this NEWS file but it does not mean this
    is the first version of modules-tcl as this Modules flavor is born in
  * At this stage, modules-tcl handles a majority of the module commands and
    modulefile Tcl commands available on C version.